AMC | Annual Maintenence Contract

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Cloud computing is not just a one time job. Cloud requires optimization and upgradations from time-to-time. Unified Communication provides annual maintenance contract services to its customers with cloud infrastructure at a competitive price for various services

We provide complete IT solutions to help for IT Hardware Maintenance, Data Restore, Email Security & Management, Cloud Server Support, PABX Telephone Systems & Equipments, Storage & Networking Devices, Sales & Support of Network Cabling, Firewall Installation, Data Security, Malware detection & correction and much more. Our integrated and high-quality IT structures make sure the availability of cloud infrastructure and enterprise continuity. We meet stringent and robust SLAs as per the needs of the client’s business. Providing On-Site Support, Off-Site or Phone support.

PABX Telephone Systems 
Data Restore
Email & Management Security
Storage & Networking Devices
Network Cabling
Data Security
IT Hardware Maintenance
Cloud Server Support

Benefits of AMC

Pay once and profit the services numerous times during the year

Customary service and maintenance

Stays up with the latest and running


Chops down the IT infrastructure costs

Beats the need of searching for another professional each time

Signing a Contract

What is the Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)?

An AMC is an annual contract signed with an AMC service provider for routine maintenance at a pre-decided cost which is renewable on an annual premise. In the event that you run a small or mid-sized business, having a computer AMC provider is an extraordinary key to take care of your server issues, computer issues, workstation issues, printer issues, and network security issues. These technical support services additionally keep up a standard beware of your computers and network and keeping them running without any glitches.


Status Report: Providing regular situation reports to the client. These status reports include Helpdesk ticket counts, incident report summaries, and network statistics. Status reports assist management in evaluating the overall health of the collective IT network.

Inventory Management: Regular inventory of a client’s IT equipment provides the client with a ‘real time’ snapshot of the organization’s IT resources (including, computers, phones, printers, cables, external drives, etc.).

Resolution of Inquiries: The AMC may include a wide range of support services to include password resets, computer freezes/crashes, weak computer performance, network access issues, E-mail issues, virus issues, Network Connectivity Issues (i.e. cannot connect to network), and problems with approved software (i.e. Microsoft suite). Windows Patching and Update

Equipment Management: Support teams will transfer, connect and examine IT equipment within the client’s facility.

System Configuration: Configurations of all new IT equipment, to include laptops, desktops, and printers.

AMCs are usually of two types :

Comprehensive AMCs: are costly as under comprehensive contracts, service, just as replacement of spare parts, is carried out liberated from cost. Comprehensive AMC includes spare parts, work, service, transportation of machines, any work to be finished. The responsibility to keep the machines in great working request.

Non-Comprehensive AMCs: A non-comprehensive AMC service contract covers just those services where we charge for the work we have been employed at your area to maintain M/Cs. Whatever other costs that emerge during the maintenance procedure are borne by the customer. In short, routine servicing is carried out, however, the replacement of spare parts is chargeable.