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Make your customers feel valued and you win them over for life. Our inbound call center services give them the special feel to become your admirers for life

Unified Communication's Call Center Services provides your business a smart way to handle your inbound needs. With over 7 years of experience in serving the call center industry world over, we know what it takes to make inbound processes more adept, responsive and customer-centric.



Inbound Call

An inbound call center is one that receives incoming calls. Inbound call center services involve answering calls that they receive from customers rather than actively making any calls to customers. Inbound call center solutions are thus mostly focused on providing customer service in the form of tech support, product assistance, or order placement.

Outbound Call

An outbound call center is one that mostly makes calls instead of receiving them. Most outbound call center solutions are focused on sales. They already have a list of contacts to get in touch with and record their interactions with the help of a customer relationship management system (CRM).


Call Back Option

No customer likes to wait, and the call back option is designed to take this predicament out of the equation. This option allows the customer to seek for a call back once they reach the front end of the queue and receive assistance at the time of their choice, thereby putting an end to unwanted anger and frustration.


Features that Give Us an Edge

Taking great care while handing your inbound needs. Forming an experienced team of bilingual representatives who are trained to handle every interaction positively, within the specified guidelines, we communicate what you ask and expect  with your clients and customers. 


Skills-based Routing

Skills-based routing mechanism that we employ helps us to seamlessly redirect customers to the right queue and ensure that they receive support from the most proficient agent. This increases the chances of complaints being resolved in a single go, which in turn leads to greater customer satisfaction.

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Customer Support

Training inbound individual call centers to provide customer support before, during, and after the purchase. Inbound call services from Expert Callers include handling complaints, dealing with defective products, and resolving issues of customers. Our inbound customer support also plays a great role in customer retention.


Inbound Sales

Of late, we have been receiving an increasing number of requests for inbound sales outsourcing services since it has the power to increase the discoverability of businesses amidst potential customers. Inbound sales is a part of “referred-to” services where our callers direct customers enquiring about a specific product to your brand, thus prompting them to make a purchase.


Repeat Caller Identification and “Last-Agent” Routing

Unlike other inbound call center outsourcing companies in the industry, we believe in delivering consistent experience to the customer. To ensure this, we have implemented a repeat caller identification and last-agent routing mechanism that helps us to redirect the caller to the agent who previously interacted or resolved the customer issue. In case that particular agent is not available, the call will be routed to the next available agent.


Help Desk/Troubleshooting

This is one of the most common and important services undertaken here at Expert Callers. Callers partner to tackle a wide range of troubleshooting services including computer and IT-related problems, pre and post-sale technical support, warranty support, network support, and maintenance issues. Over the years, our proactive team of help desk experts have helped numerous brands garner a loyal customer following.


Multichannel Contact Center Technology Platform

We use a customized multi-channel contact center technology platform to effectively engage with customers across all platforms — including email, online chat, voice and social media. This helps in maintaining branding consistency.

Benefits of a Call Center 

Full statistical daily and real-time reporting for our inbound call center program

Patch, Hot Transfer, Conference with inbound call centers

Toll Free Acquisition / Vanity Number / Voicemail and Transcriptions


Best of the class ACD and IVR inbound Call Center Systems

Multiple language support