Call Billing and Accounting Software

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Advanced call accounting software providing tools for 360° holistic management in the Middle East

Communication is an integral part of any business, but it is often one of the taken for granted or misused assets of the company. To assure your telecommunication infrastructure is used only for productive conversations and to control your telecommunication budget, you need an intelligent Telephone Management System (TMS).

We have developed a feature rich Call Accounting System to help you assure that your telecommunication infrastructure is used productively. 

Call Accounting Solution (CAS) is also renowned as Call Logging Software (CLS) and Telephone Management System (TMS).

Based on the collected data, the call accounting solution will rate different calls and generate informative reports. These reports will help you to identify the departments and executives that need to use telecommunication infrastructure wisely.

Our call accounting system can be used as a service that will fit into your telecommunication infrastructure without disturbing your call flows. This system is specifically designed for all scaled businesses to track and detect all different types of calls: Inbound Calls, Outbound Calls, Missed Calls, Internal Calls

Our Call logging solution can access call data from all different types of communication systems and Softswitches.


Easy to use GUI based solution

Easy to integrate within the current telecom infrastructure

Contact management

Call type management

Mark call (Personal / business)

Automated billing

Extensive reports

Alerts and Notifications


Simple to use

Monitor all different types of calls: Internal, International, Local, Interstate

Easy system flow

Easy to integrate within any external application

Scalable, secure and robust

Automated solution

Integrated billing system



PBX vendor compatibility: Cisco Systems Unified Communications, Avaya Call Manager, Alcatel and others. Integrated with Airport Information Broker, and Enterprise ERP Systems through custom APIs


Automated Reports

Any user is able to receive monthly reports based on their role. Finance managers receive the summary usage reports as well as detailed cost & call records if needed. Department / Branch managers receive reports related to their division where other personnel receive their detailed bills where they can access the system and highlight their personal calls without e-mail communication between finance department and individuals


Cost Control & Budget Allocation

Landline and GSM mobile cost is automatically allocated to cost centers, individuals, departments and remote sites automatically. Department and Branch managers access the system and generate reports related to their divisions cost and usage reports. Finance and Procurement managers access real-time cost and trends that helps to optimize their telecom services