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Voice over IP (VoIP) technology brings your phone system into the modern age so you can use the Internet to make and receive calls, whether it is landlines and cell phones, or computer to computer.


Energy efficient

Save energy with low power consumption, recyclable plastics in the hardware design, and the Cisco EnergyWise energy-management architecture

Features & Benefits


Enhanced user experience

Enjoy multiline models for desktops, an endpoint for small conference rooms, and backlit, pixel-based displays. Fixed keys and two-way navigation make it easy to use, and full-duplex communications deliver crystal-clear voice.

Simple and secure

Supports the latest encryption to help secure your voice communications. Administration for software updates is simpler, as all models in the series share the same phone OS


A Conventional Business PBX

Traditionally, a PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a telephone switching system that manages incoming and outgoing calls for a company's internal users. A PBX is connected to the public phone system and automatically routes incoming calls to specific extensions. It also shares and manages multiple lines. A typical small business PBX system includes external and internal phone lines; a computer server that manages call switching and routing; and a console for administrative control.

Business PBX: The Basics

IP-Based Small Business PBX

An IP PBX can do everything a traditional small business PBX can do and more. It performs the switching and connecting of Voice over IP as well as landline calls.

A conventional PBX requires two networks, one for data and another for voice. An IP PBX system runs on an IP data network, which saves costs and minimizes network management.

With an IP PBX, you can use IP phones, softphones (which don't require any phone hardware, beyond a computer and a microphone headset), and many offer apps you can use with mobile smart phones.

Unified Communications: IP PBX and More

Businesses require specialized features to support their particular workflows. Unified Communications Manager Express from Cisco Systems is designed specifically for small businesses. It combines an IP PBX with robust telephony features that traditional phone systems can't deliver.

Unified Communications Manager Express is affordable, reliable, full-featured, and easy to deploy, administer, and maintain. It helps small businesses dramatically reduce communications and network management costs, enhance collaboration, improve productivity, and more.


Cisco Unified Communications Manager

People work together in different ways. And they use a lot of collaboration tools: IP telephony for voice calling, web and video conferencing, voice mail, mobility, desktop sharing, instant messaging and presence, and more.

Unified communications (UC) solutions deliver integration of these tools, with seamless user experiences that help people work together more effectively. Anywhere, on any device. They bring real-time communication from your phone system and conferencing solutions together with messaging and chat, and integrate with everyday business applications using APIs.

UC solutions are available as on-premises software, partner-hosted solutions, or as a service (UCaaS) from cloud providers.

maxresdefault (1).jpg

*Cisco IP Open SIP Phones models include CP-7811-3PCC - CP-7821-3PCC - CP-7832-3PCC - CP-7841-3PCC - CP-7861-3PCC - CP-8865-3PCC 

Cisco IP Phone 7800 Series

Affordable, full-featured VoIP collaboration

Enjoy reliable, full-featured, secure VoIP. Deploy the IP Phone 7800 Series whether your platform is on premises, Cisco Webex Calling, or from third-party Cisco approved Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) providers. With these cost-effective IP phones, increase your business call efficiency and productivity while reducing IT operating costs.


Enhanced user experience

Enjoy multiline models for desktops, an endpoint for small conference rooms, and backlit, pixel-based displays. Fixed keys and two-way navigation make it easy to use, and full-duplex communications deliver crystal-clear voice.


Simple and secure

The 7800 Series supports the latest encryption to help secure your voice communications.  Administration for software updates is simpler, as all models in the series share the same Phone OS. Cisco Expressway enables remote worker single sign-on access through a one-time pin code entry.

Features & Benefits


Third-party UCaaS integration

The 7800 series offers support for organizations who have made, or are considering, investment in UCaaS services from Cisco approved third-party partners as multiplatform phones.


Cisco IP 7900 Series Phone

Enhance your telephony experience

Take full advantage of high-quality VoIP while retaining the convenience and ease of use you expect from a desktop phone. Improve productivity by meeting voice-communications needs throughout your organization.

*Cisco IP Phones models include 7905G - 7906G - 7910G - 7911G - 7931G - 7940G - 7941G - 7942G - 7945G - 7960G - 7961G - 7962G - 7965G - 7970G - 7975G (1).jpg

Cisco Small Business SPA300 Series IP Phones

Get Comprehensive Features in a Basic IP Phone

Features & Benefits

Wideband audio for exceptional voice clarity and enhanced speaker quality

Monochrome display (SPA303) for ease of use, aesthetics, and on-screen applications

Support for hosted IP telephony environments or an IP private branch exchange (PBX)

Easy installation and highly secure remote provisioning, and web-based configuration

*Cisco IP Phones models include SPA301 - SPA302D  DECT


IP Phones

Small, Midsize & Enterprise Business

maxresdefault (3).jpg

Cisco Small Business SPA500 Series IP Phones

An Affordable Way to Improve Communications

*Cisco IP Phones models include SPA501G - SPA502 - SPA504G - SPA508G - SPA509G - SPA512G - SPA514G - SPA525G 

Features & Benefits

Wideband audio for voice clarity and enhanced speaker quality

Monochrome backlit display for ease of use, aesthetics, and onscreen applications

Support for Bluetooth

Support for up to two SPA 500S or SPA500DS expansion modules

Features & Benefits

Cisco Unified SIP Phone 3900 Series

Move From Analog to Cost-Effective IP Phones

*Cisco IP Open SIP Phones models include 3905

Single-line IP phone with support for up to two concurrent calls

Graphical 128 x 32-pixel monochrome display with a two-way navigation button

Full duplex speakerphone for flexibility with hands-free communications

Fixed keys for common telephony features: hold, redial, transfer, and mute

Foldable, single-position display stand to simplify wall-mount deployments


Features & Benefits

Cisco Unified IP Phone 6900 Series

User-friendly, cost-effective communications

Experience cost-effective, reliable, high-quality VoIP communications.

Benefit from a compact IP phone footprint that is , ideal for common areas and hospitality guest rooms.

Take advantage of a single-line, easy-to-use endpoint well-suited for occasional use.

A sustainable solution with recyclable and reground plastics.

*Cisco IP Phones models include  6901 - 6911 -  6921 -  6941 -  6945  -  6961


Enhanced IP Phone models

Models include color displays, dynamic soft keys for call features and functions and support optional key expansion module as an accessory.

Features & Benefits


Optimized connectivity

Customize XML-based services to provide users with information such as stock quotes, directories, and web content.


Wireless LAN voice options

Get on-campus mobility using voice over wireless LAN. Extend communications for deskless workers.


Cisco Unified IP Phone 8900 Series

XML Applications

30 Frames per Second Video Communication

5 Inch Color Display

Crystal Clear Voice

Co-locates multimedia PC

Power-Save Option

Comes with Bluetooth Hands-free

Cisco Unified IP Color Key Expansion Module

*Cisco IP Phones models include 8811 - 8831 - 8845 - 8851 - 8861 - 8865 


Cisco Unified IP Phone 8900 Series

Interactive high-performance business video that elevates and personalizes communication

Bluetooth 2.0 headsets that gives you the freedom to move around at your desk

Support for Cisco and third-party VDI, XML, and MIDlet business applications

*Cisco IP Phones models include 9971 - 9951


Cisco IP Phone 8800 Series

Easy-to-use voice and video collaboration

The Cisco IP Phone 8800 Series is a great fit for businesses of all sizes seeking secure, high-quality, full-featured VoIP. Select models provide affordable entry to HD video and support for highly-active, in-campus mobile workers. This advanced series provides flexible deployment options: on premisescloud and Cisco pre-approved third-party UCaaS providers.

Features & Benefits


IP Phones for a variety of needs

The 8800 Series is ideal for knowledge workers, administrative and executive staff. It works well in open workspaces, large conference rooms and executive offices and with actively mobile workers within a campus. Choice of two user experiences add flexibility.


More phones, more options

Select models support 720p HD desktop video collaboration, telephony feature integration with personal mobile devices, optional key expansion modules and wired/wireless expansion microphones for conference rooms.


Simple, cost-effective administration

Flexible deployment options help you cut costs and maximize your investment. Remote workers get single sign-on access with Cisco Expressway. Latest encryption secures communications. Cisco EnergyWise helps reduce costs in off-work hours.