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Network-attached storage (NAS) is file-level computer data storage connected to a computer network providing data access to a heterogeneous group of clients.

NAS not only operates as a file server, but is specialized for this task either by its hardware, software, or configuration of those elements.

NAS is often manufactured as a computer appliance – a specialized computer built from the ground up for storing and serving files – rather than simply a general purpose computer being used for the role.

NAS systems are networked appliances which contain one or more hard drives, often arranged into logical, redundant storage containers or RAID.

Network-attached storage removes the responsibility of file serving from other servers on the network. They typically provide access to files using network file sharing protocols such as NFS, SMB/CIFS, or AFP.

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Secure Digital (SD) is a non-volatile memory card format for use in portable devices, such as mobile phones, digital cameras, GPS navigation devices, and tablet computers.

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Data centers provide that, particularly through advanced IT services and solutions. 

All manner of companies now rely on data center services and cloud computing to support and optimize their e-commerce and online applications.

The more capable and proficient use of professional data center systems can provide a much higher guarantee for reliability and network availability.

Data centers are the go-to for scalability support because they can instantly handle the changes in web traffic and engagement to need the needs of the business. 

Data centers are equipped with the latest security mechanisms, devices and tools to ensure that both physical components and digital content are securely handled and stored.