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Know your customers better with a robust CRM/ Cloud CRM System in the Middle East

Unified Communication's CRM drives customer experience in manifold ways like never before for a business. For example, it enables improved business decision-making processes, drives revenues and curbs inefficiencies related to customer data management. As a leading provider of business software solutions to small, medium and large –sized businesses, CRM is first choice to automate Lead Management, Sales and Opportunity management and customer services functions by thousands of organizations globally.



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Create dynamic campaigns

Multiple campaigns can be created as per customer group and can be targeted at the same time. It gives an edge at the high sales period and engage customers as per their interest.


Segregate Customers

Group customers on the basis of their product choice, frequency, buying behavior, timing and with many more aspects. It helps in the analysis and prediction of future sales and enable you to strategize sales for higher conversions and profitability.


Know most demanded range

Analysis on products which will be in most demand at what point of time in the sales life cycle, is one of the most useful data that can be generated by CRM. It helps in creating targeted campaigns, coupons and in estimating the inventory level.


Automated Enquiry Capture

It has the options which can be integrated to get automated enquiries, manual submission in individual and bulk system as well as from third party portals. It includes enquiries from multiple sources like mails, api, portal, mobile app and call. Once captured, then enquiries are segregated and distributed as per the criteria defined by administrator.


Quick Quotations, Sales Conversion & Orders

An appropriate Quotation plays a major role in business conversion. With CRM, quotation can be generated on predefined calculations mapped with contact details, ledger accounts, associated products, discount, applicable taxes, payment terms and shipping details.Order can be generated on the basis of finalised quotation with other custom additional details for processing order. An automated mail from system is generated for client acknowledgement which contains the order information.


Team Management & Strategic Reports

Sales and delivery team can be assigned as per zones, type of clients etc. Enquiries are automatically assigned and can be processed as per defined. The most required and strategically beneficial feature which helps in keeping a track and maintaining day-to-day business activities and taking decisions for better delivery and business growth.

Customer Portal & Database Management

A customised portal with login of customer team, integrated devices and customised contracted and non contracted catalogues for quick enquiry and orders. It also enables a value based approval system with Mobile app. A deep mapped detail of manufacturers, products and suppliers with automated records update on previous quotes, discounts etc. Product replacement by manufacturers is also recorded.


Automated Lead Capture

Capture all your leads from online as well as offline sources. For automated capture, it integrates sources like website, emails, Facebook, Google Ad-Words, and various other 3rd party portals. Also it provides bulk and individual lead add option for offline leads.


Segregation and Processing Leads

Good lead gives business conversion but bad leads are loss of time. CRM lead management software system works as per client's defined criteria and segregate the leads in quality or junk. It assigns leads to the defined teams for further processing. An alert system keep the team active on high priority leads to work upon and process it.


Leverage Social Media

CRM comes with the innate ability to integrate with key social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. helping your business interact and connect with prospects and customers. This helps the sales and marketing teams to not only engage with prospects/customers in a collaborative way, but also helps them to generate quality leads, drive brand loyalty, improve customer retention, enhance customer experience, develop strong relationships and most importantly, drive revenue. Long story short, our Social CRM software puts your business where your customers are i.e. social media channels, driving engagement and brand recall.

Benefits of CRM/Cloud CRM 

Employees can log in and work from any time, anywhere and from any device.

Customized Dashboards

Updated in real-time 


Managing customer’s support services

It can be scaled speedily and hence the operation cost is low.