ERP | Enterprise Resource Planning

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Unified Communication helps small to enterprise businesses streamline their operations by automating the workflow of all departments of the organization and easing dataflow with accuracy and speed while keeping intact all security checks.

ERP is a web and cloud based ERP software in Dubai with modern tech-savvy functionalities of Business Process Management, designed specifically to fit all the types of business verticals.

Optimizing Operational Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness

We intend to create value and empower all type of businesses by aiding efficient solutions worldwide.

To enable the organizations function with improved productivity and efficiency.

To simplify customer experience altogether and provide expertise at ease.

IT Consulting

What does Enterprise Resource Planning (AMC) do?

Enables businesses to maintain a perfect level of co-ordination among different operational processes and thus help them achieve operational excellence that enhances their level of customer service, while reducing operational time as well as cost. Eazy ERP helps manufacturers gain competitive advantage by streamlining, organizing and optimizing their operational processes that include procurement, inventory and logistics execution, product development and manufacturing, and sales and services.


Extremely easy to Implement and Use

Comprehensive in its scope

Modular and Flexible

Highly Customizable

Totally Secure and Incredibly Robust


Greater visibility in all areas of operations (daily operations to a strategic decision level)

nsight into production, inventory and financial data helps in identifying opportunities for cost savings and efficiency improvements.

Compiled view of key business indicators, facilitating faster and more accurate management decisions.

Competitive Advantages

Improve operation's alignment with strategic plans.

Improved Inventory management.

Track opportunities, and react just in time.

Generate faster and higher ROI.

Better alignment of resources and organizational objectives.

Let the business work as per the strategic plans.

Early warning signals, access to the right information in real time.