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Digital Network Cables

We carry world class Networking products which include Media Gateways, Digital PBX/EPABX systems and other vital networking equipments that help your business develop effective work collaboration solutions through clear and real-time voice interaction.

We also carry some of the best solutions for your networking needs in the market.

The key to making the most of wide area network (WAN) links lies in grooming and reducing the traffic that travels across them, and in avoiding as many potential sources of delay as possible.

WAN accelerators are typically sold as pairs or collections of appliances or devices intended to sit outside a router or firewall between the network boundary and an actual WAN link.

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As you ponder possible choices for WAN bandwidth optimization tools, you'll want to evaluate WAN optimization controllers by how many tools and techniques they support and how well they implement them. 

Ultimately, the best way to determine what works for you is to test such equipment, which is why you should capture and use a sample traffic load that is characteristic of your network to provide a basis for comparison during tests.

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Network Hub and Cable

A network router is a more sophisticated network device compared to either a network switch or a network hub

Like hubs and switches, routers are typically small, box-like pieces of equipment that multiple computers can connect to

Each features a number of ports on the front or back of the unit that provide the connection points for these computers, a connection for electric power, and a number of LED lights to display device status.

While routers, hubs and switches all share similar physical appearance, routers differ substantially in their inner workings.

A gateway is an essential feature of most routers, although other devices (such as any PC or server) can function as a gateway.

A gateway may contain devices such as protocol translators, impedance matching devices, rate converters, fault isolators, or signal translators as necessary to provide system interoperability.

It also requires the establishment of mutually acceptable administrative procedures between both networks.

In the network for an enterprise, a computer server acting as a gateway node is often also acting as a proxy server and a firewall server. 

A gateway is often associated with both a router, which knows where to direct a given packet of data that arrives at the gateway, and a switch, which furnishes the actual path in and out of the gateway for a given packet.

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