Polycom Deskphones | IP Phones


The Polycom IP Series is an enterprise-grade family of IP desktop phones designed to make voice

communications effective and productive.

The Polycom IP family features the most comprehensive, best-sounding, most interoperable, high-quality IP phone solutions for businesses and enterprises of all sizes.


Polycom Soundpoint IP 300 Series

Features & Benefits

Up to 2 lines with up to 2 calls per line

3 context-sensitive soft keys

2 line keys with bi-color (red/green) LED

2 feature keys (Menu & Dial)

4-way navigation key cluster with center Select key

2 volume control keys

Dedicated hold, headset, hands-free speakerphone, mute keys

Dedicated 2.5mm headset port

*Polycom Soundpoint IP Phones models include  300 - 301 - 320 - 330 - 321 - 331 - 335


Polycom Soundpoint IP 400 Series

Features & Benefits

Three lines

High resolution backlit LCD with support of multiple languages & Asian characters 

Built-in XHTML Microbrowser for third party applications

Filly enabled to run the Polycom Productivity Suite

Polycom HD Voice Technology, including support of G.722 wideband codec, Acoustic Clarity Technology 2 

Advanced Functionality, including shared lines, busy lamp filed, presence & XHTML Microbrowser

Backlit 256 x 116-pixel multi-layer, grayscale graphical LCD

Integrated IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet PoE support Class 2

Two port 10/100 Ethernet Switch

Dedicated RJ-9 headset port

cx600 (1).png

Polycom CX600 Lync Desktop Phone

Features & Benefits

 A full-featured IP desktop phone with a large color display and Polycom HD Voice technology

Polycom CX600 is an IP phone optimized for Microsoft Lync

Polycom CX600 IP phone delivers all the features included in Microsoft Lync environments. You’ll find it to be a cost effective mainstream desktop phone that features Polycom HD Voice technology for crystal-clear calls and robust interoperability with Lync. It maximizes productivity for workers in offices and cubicles.

Polycom HD Voice technology in the handset, headset, and speakerphone for stunning voice quality and clarity

Embedded client does not require a PC to make calls, gain access to personal contact information, or other advanced features

On-screen presence status indicators for each of a user's contacts and a large, bright LED shows your current presence state