Wacom® Graphic Tablet


Accomplished with Wacom in hand

Creative people around the world rely on Wacom products to take their ideas to reality.  No matter what your discipline, Wacom pen displays and pen tablets work with your favorite software to offer more intuitive and natural ways to enhance your creativity.

Painting, drawing, photo montage, sketching: whatever you enjoy the most, check out how easy it is to make advances when you're working on your computer with an Intuos pen tablet.

Saving time without sacrificing precision, control, and artistic integrity. This is what drives illustrators and fine artists to Wacom. Your creative software is already optimized with built-in pressure-sensitive features, so you can sketch, draw, paint, and composite with natural and intuitive control.

Intuos is a natural fit for the creative-minded.

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Built for art

It's tough to be creative with a mouse; it's like painting with a rock. But try a pen that is recognized by your computer and your favorite software, one that has the same response as your real-world tools. 

The Intuos pen tablet is pressure-sensitive; it mirrors your brushstrokes, down to the slightest nuance of pressure. It recognizes the angle of the pen and its rotation.

Change tips, change tools, and change colors with just a click.

Intuos is a natural fit for the creative-minded.

Affordable, professional quality

Wacom is the standard when it comes to creative tablets. If you peeked into thousands of studios around the world, you'd find our pens and tablets everywhere. There's a product that's right for what you do, too. Intuos gives you affordable options.

The versatile pen and tablet offer the same finesse as your real-world tools. Work in almost any medium. Capture inspiration. Share ideas. And do what you enjoy best: create.


Now you can accomplish what you want

Whether you're looking to apply an impressionist-style brush stroke or playing with a homegrown manga character, you're sure to feel so much more rewarded with this drawing tool. Lay down subtle lines in your sketch better than you can with a regular stylus.

Experiment with your line weight and thickness, as well as the subtleness of color, as you press harder or softer on the stylus.Most importantly, brushstrokes look natural with an intuitive integration of pressure and tilt. You'll be amazed at what you can do. Depending on the app, you even have palm rejection on the iPad surface. Your stylus is the only thing that leaves a mark. We think of everything.

Wacom Intuos bluetooth f8.jpg

Sketching comic book art? You'll easily sketch out your ideas, and coloring just got faster and more precise.


Love to paint? Breathe in the variety of brushes and nuances of color, based on the pen's pressure-sensitive response.


With a Wacom pen tablet, you can turn mere photos into an expressive experience. You won't believe your new level of control.

Digital is the most forgiving medium. If you make a mistake, change it easily.


No need to start over.


No more crumpled paper and wasted product. Click back, fix the problem, and move forward. Simple.